who are full of praise for the massage

we do not rush to record with me to rub your hands, rub the bottom of the neck protruding bones.” Together a classroom teacher with massage mobilize the participation of the inhabitants, Zhang explained, this point is called Dazhui, rub hard about 30 times can clear the meridians, regulate the flow of blood, winter can warm warm rub this point. “Who is really warm!” One minute after the residents who are full of praise for the massage, we have asked the cold there is no such simple and easy method. Zhang introduced the foot and knee at the bottom of the tiger’s mouth Hoku three years, are unobstructed meridian acupuncture, massage stick can enhance the body’s resistance and improve tolerance to cold. After we taught acupressure, Zhang also explained the main points of the autumn and winter diet and exercise.

After-school residents have said enough, the next class will continue when the “student”, “Before we were her own health approach, not specifically to find out about one in principle, science university community we really gave us a good learning opportunity