the weather gradually cool up

Now in the autumn season, the weather gradually cool up, comfortable body also followed up, but dry weather still makes us some problems, in particular, to pay attention to maintenance lung, TCM believes that “cold autumn in the air through the lungs,” and summed up the theory of the fall easy to damage the lung, so people should also be based on changes in the weather, maintenance lung, prevent colds, cough and other diseases. Here are some maintenance lung methods.
Mount neck law: stand up straight or sitting, his head, neck straight, hands down along the throat massage until the chest. Alternating hands 20 times for a massage all over, you can do it two to three times. Note massage thumb and the other four fingers open, the jaws of death to live in the throat, since under the chin down by rubbing, may be appropriate force. This method can benefit throat, cough and phlegm.
Rub the nose of law: the friction between the outer thumbs hot flu, along with the outside of the thumb nose, nose up and down both sides of the massage 30 times. Then, massage nose on both sides of the Ying Xiang points, which is located in the nasolabial folds, flat nose cross the outer edge of the midpoint, 15 to 20 times per times. So, 1 to 2 times a day, can enhance the ability of the nose cold, can cure the common cold, stuffy nose.
Press the Point method: First, massage Dazhui turns rub rub hands Ojo seventh cervical spinous process that can get up early every day after rubbing Ojo, cooler should rub out the door when Ojo, to prevent colds convenient and effective. Second, the pressure rub pulp cavity, pulp cavity recess in the lip to the index finger rubbing with a beat, you can feel in the mouth will gush fluid secretion. If would like a drink of diabetic patients, with a beat rub here more than 10 times, thirst can disappear, do not repeatedly water. This can not only prevent Qiuzao fluid secretion, and contain anti-aging parotid hormone, while allowing the elderly ruddy.