Infant Massaging- An Important Part Of Parenting


Being a baby is the most delicate phase of human’s life and so is very important. The kind of adult we would become often depends on the kind of childhood we have had. To help a baby grow healthy, massaging is an important technique and is known as Infant Massaging. It is an important part of parenting and is a lovely way to express your love & care for your baby.

Baby or infant massaging is the art of gentle, rhythmic rubbing of your child’s body with your hand. It can be done using baby creams, oils & moisturizer. This massage can be done with different oils, keeps the skin of the baby healthy and helps in the growth. However, we can claim some other benefits as well.

  • It helps the baby to develop mentally & physically

  • It helps the baby to be relaxed

  • It helps in better sleep

  • Relaxes the baby

  • Boosts immune system

  • Helps the skin to be healthy

  • Balances respiration

  • Nourishes the bond between parents & baby

Since infant massaging has so many benefits, it must be given daily to them. However, one should be very careful while doing it as babies are very delicate and should remove jewelleries or should not have big nails that can hurt the baby. Also, the oil that is being used should be scent free & non-allergic. Correct time when the massage should preferably can be done in between feeding times, after giving a bath, before sleep or before a bedtime feed.

Infant massage has lots of benefits. However, they are not confined to babies alone. It is rather equally benefiting to parents as it uplifts their moods & helps them understand their kids in a better way.