an awkward feeling off between strangers

Like a lot of people like to laugh, because a smile can narrow the distance between the two sides, so that there is an awkward feeling off between strangers, but we will certainly laugh when exposing our teeth, if your teeth at this time black and yellow teeth, then how will inevitably awkward laugh. Teeth whitening is a very important thing in our daily lives.
But many times we do not know how to whiten teeth, some people think that only when the dental clinic teeth whitening work be carried out, in fact, in our ordinary life, only a few small tricks you can use to make our teeth rapid whitening up.
What are these simple tricks. That is strawberries. Should be a lot of people like to eat strawberries. Eating strawberries when you can come up with a few strawberries, and then repeatedly rubbing the top of your teeth, make your teeth strawberries and full contact. Strawberries should be carried out once each time scaling, then the task of teeth whitening can be done quickly.