The Concept and Benefits of Craniosacral Massage

Craniosacral massage is a form of gentle and hands-on modality to evaluate and enhance the function of craniosacral system, which covers almost all functional parts of the body. Craniosacral massage is a healing therapy method, and further in this article we will have a close look at the methods and benefits of it.

Craniosacral System

Craniosacral system is a vital physiological system of human body, as important as the cardiovascular or the respiratory system, which provides the physical infrastructure in which the spinal cord and brain develop and function properly. It is cerebrospinal fluid as well as membranes in the craniosacral system, which surround and protect the spinal cord and brain from any possible threats or injuries. Craniosacral massage deals with the bones and membranes of the spinal column, head, unto the sacral bone and also the underlying structures in these regions.

Craniosacral massage usually consists of very light touches and employ custom designed techniques to release any compression or restrictions in this region. As far different modalities of massaging are concerned, craniosacral is one of the most sophisticated method, which requires a high level of expertise and experience to practice.

How craniosacral massage works?

Craniosacral massage can arousing the inherent wisdom of human body, which in turn help healing itself, from within. It is believed that the craniosacral system is having its own rhythm, which is felt throughout human body and help maintain the biorhythm, which help us to live healthy. The craniosacral massage therapists are actually monitoring this rhythm with very soft touches and identify the source of restrictions or stress. Once identifies, they use some natural movements and twists to release the restriction and help regain the normal rhythm with the help of body’s self-correction mechanism.

Craniosacral massage therapy is also now officially used to treat childhood conditions like restlessness, poor sleep, ear infections, colic etc. Massaging is a noninvasive and gentle-touch therapy, which can be administered on small babies too when they are asleep.

Some conditions treated with craniosacral massage are;
Migraine headaches
Post traumatic stress disorder
Chronic Fatigue
Emotional imbalances.
Chronic neck and back pain

Is it right for everyone?

So, far craniosacral massage is deemed safe is everyone while preformed under the right conditions. However, as it is the general case with massage therapy, there are some specific medical conditions like cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding disorder etc. may contraindicate with it, which you should consult with a professional practitioner.