Important of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

The infant massage is now deemed to be highly beneficial now. It is proven to be beneficial for the mother as well as the child. Massage can aid the mom in revitalizing her body when the baby is still there in womb. Massage is also found helpful in alleviating prenatal depression as well as physical ailments during pregnancy. Studies show that more than 40% of women experience prenatal depression, which surely pose a threat to the unborn baby. The potential complications associated with prenatal depression include premature delivery, low birth weight, unforeseen complications during the time of delivery.

The stress and depression mother has to suffer highly affects the infant also both mentally and physically. It may also end up in motor deficiencies in the newborn. The emotional upsets they get can follow them through the entire life span. All these problems can be prevented to a big extent with prenatal massage, which can help in overall maternal health and also a healthy birth.

Pregnancy Hong Kong Massages

Pregnant women are generally assigned by the gynecologists to undergo 15-20 minute massage sessions once or twice a week. Trials have shown that the massaged women were experiencing reduced depression and anxiety as well as there was a significant relief in back pain and leg pain etc, which is usually associated with pregnancy. They were also able to get better sleep and experience to have more energy.

While these studies show that women who are suffering from prenatal depression can be highly benefited from massage, it is also true that even for those who are having a normal prenatal course can also get benefited form it. Generally, massage therapy is meant to enhance the body metabolism as well to improve the blood circulation. This can be of good help in case of pregnant women to maintain their overall physical and mental well being. However, there are specialists prenatal and infant massagers whom you should approach to enjoy the best results.

Postnatal Tantric Massage Hong Kong

Also massaging can help during the postnatal period also and help expedite the recovery after delivery. A 15-minute massaged once or twice weekly can help the women get back to normal self in a shorter span of time as well as to regain the shattered body shape after delivery. However, by knowing all these benefits, don’t just simply jump into any random massage parlor, but make sure that you take the service of a licensed and professional service provider only.