if you go to a health center

I believe many people go to some beauty salons or health museum, they will choose to do a massage. However, different parts massage may not be the same. If you go to a beauty salon, then more for you to press a few promote the metabolism of points. Because our skin is better, first of metabolism should be in place. After you press these points we can promote skin metabolism.
Then if you go to a health center, then more master will find the corresponding acupuncture points according to the situation reflected Then you for your massage, because although we organs below the skin, but our body’s acupuncture points on behalf of the respective organs. As long as these acupuncture points through massage can be very good for the various organs of the body carry out health care.
In this health center massage when the most important thing is to identify the points. Teacher to understand what those points for the organ, can not tolerate the slightest error. About how many points we also have to understand that.